One comment on “Electric Motorcycles

  1. Even Harley is getting into the electric world

    While I would love to have an electric motorcycle I fell I will likly go with a Honda rebel as I plan to do some real long road trips which batteries as of yet do not handle well(range+charge cycles and charge time) not to mention on a bike the batteries for long range would be fairly heavy and toxic. Add to this the potentially explosive nature of batteries coupled with very little protection to the batteries and you can end up in a very unsafe situation. My electrically assisted bicycle will do me fine for commutes and I’d love to have an electric car.

    While I was doing research on building my own electric conversion car I learned it is easier to convert a motorcycle to electric than car. You basically can grab any old motorcycle with a possibly blown and/or bad engine but functional frame/suspension/drivetrain and pull out the motor and fuel tank. Then all you have to do is add in a motor, batteries and controller. With the very low weight of a motorcycle you do not need a large powerful motor or controller so more of the space can be dedicated to the battery bank.


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