5 comments on “Pain which leads to satisfaction

  1. Greetings Adam.

    Yeah, it looks great. Troy does beautiful work. And yes, absolutely, I’m going to NEARFest. I’m staying in the Bethlehem Hotel. I’m in seat L3 for all performances.


  2. Good! Not sure where we’re staying, I need to catch up with Noah on that one of these days. We’re in G 20-24, should be good! Who are you looking forward to most this year do you think?



  3. Actually, I’m trying my best to attend with an open mind and open heart. I’m still a prog newbie, it’s all so new to me. I’m like a kid in a candy store. It’s always fun to see Echolyn, maybe I’ll get to buy them a beer or three. I remember Synergy from way back when. I’m looking forwards to seeing them all, the familiar and the new.


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