4 comments on “Welcome 2008

  1. I turned 40 on New Years Day. The only resolution I am making is not to turn 41 until next year. When I told Jan, she was already planning a 40th for me 50th for Sled party. Hey, works for me. Have a wonderful new year, my friend, and I hope to see you all soon.


  2. Nice to see you at Arisia.
    Hey you’re into transhumanism?
    We ran into each other several times at Arisia and you might remember the girl Paula that was with me? (me = Brian White)
    She just happens to host a transhumanist group for the Boston area on meetup.com
    Small world…
    Are you coming to Wicked Faire? You met the organizer Jeff Mach (and me, briefly, brieflessly?) in the pool locker room after the pool panel.
    I just happen to live just around the corner from that hotel.
    Small world…


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