10 comments on “Ethel Arnette May, August 29, 1931 – November 13, 2007


  2. Marlin, my friend: I’m sorry for your loss, and rejoice, in reading what you have written about your parents.
    I can see the joy, and the amazing things they both accomplished.

    And then I remember you, and know that you are a reflection of them.

    Be well, my friend.


  3. Hugs for you.

    Losses are always the hardest this time of year, I think, when families are coming together… My thoughts will be with you for sure.



  4. Through what you wrote I can see that her’s was life was a life well led. Thank you for the window, and please accept my sympathy and best wishes.


  5. Hey Marlin hope you are okay and doing good. Sorry for the loss of your mom and know how hard it is to lose someone that is so precious to you. Hope Ron is taking good care of you.
    I know we all are running around in our daily lives trying to keep pace with everyone else but just remember to slow down and take your time. It’s one thing I remember to do after my brother passed on. If I rush I become a mess and nothing gets done right. Big hug to you!!!!!


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