9 comments on “Race, The Final Frontier

  1. Wow, Marlin, when you said you were mentioned in the first paragraph, I didn’t you meant you were literally mentioned in the first paragraph! How cool! Nice post, by the way. Taking the race issue out of the discussion for a moment (which is silly, because that’s what you are writing about) there’s a lot of attention on fandom in recent months/years that kind of fascinates me. Of course, the next step is to look at fandom by breaking it down by gender or race. Have you ever read “The Mismeasure of man” by Stephen Jay Gould? Race is an interesting concept from his point of view.


  2. Marlin was the person who introduced me to “fandom”. Before, I just read the books and watched the movies. Because of the nature of speculative fiction, I am wondering if the pertinent issues of race are buried in the writing because the “other” races/cultures are not “foreign” but actually an alien (as in outer space) or magical (orcs, fairies, elves). We all of course know the famous Star Trek episodes dealing with race and it’s mixing of human races and cultures. But even Star Trek dealt with the difference between young and old by making the young a totally different alien race at times.

    As far as WORKING in the industry. In TV post production where I work, I notice allot more variety of race in all positions than I did when I started and one of the reasons for that is that there are allot more people of color “trying” to work in the industry. There are many more minority PAs and Associate Producers than when I was in the PA ranks and the number of PAs who were minority or female could be counted on one hand with fingers left over. To be honest, I think that is the main problem. That more minorities are not finding or being encouraged to find fandom.


  3. I grew up in a smallish town (with a population under 30,000) and only about .5% of the population was black. I’m not sure why we had such a low percentage, but I think it prevented me from seeing a cultural seperation between blacks and whites. They had to fit in because there weren’t enough for them to close themselves off. I didn’t realize that racism still existed until years later when I got exposed to cities with a more diverse population. I think my son is growing up the same way I did. I doubt he understands what racism is and I see that he’s as ready to be friends with a black kid as a white kid.


  4. This is what fandom is all about! Being around others that share your interests and you feel good around.

    This is a great blog, I’ve bookmarked it. Hope to see more.


  5. Hi, in an earlier blog you mentioned reading the Andromeda Strain screen play. i’m trying to find a copy of the text online but with no luck…found your mention of it though! any help would be great.
    thanks, jeff


  6. I definitely feel like more of an outsider within the greater prog community. I don’t have an encyclopedic knowledge of the genre. I don’t play a rock instrument (clarinet doesn’t count). SF I know backwards and forwards and can hold my own in any conversation. In the prog world, I’m still at that nodding politely and absorbing as much as possible while knowledge tumbles out of the mouths of others.


  7. Well, that’s about where I was at 5 or 6 years ago. Seeing and hearing as much as you can, and guidance and good recommendations from people whose opinions you value make all the difference in the world.


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