7 comments on “Political Compass

  1. I am in the same quadrant as you, a bit closer to the lines than yours, but at least we are plaing in the same ballpark. I have taken these before and I am a little suprised how much I have changed over the years. A little self reflection is always a good thing. Hope your summer has started out well and look forward to seeing you and Ron soon.


  2. He’s an hereditary republican, the worst kind. Left -8.25, Lib -5.38 here.

    Sorry to heard about your Dads passing – 2006 has been a hard year on all of us in that respect. Time helps but not much.


  3. Hey! I discovered your blog looking over Jan’s shoulder as she was computing or whatever you call it. E-mail was involved, as well as … science.

    I’d been hoping for a while that someone else I knew would take this test so we could compare results! So, for what it’s worth, my most recent numbers are: E L/R: -7.38, S L/A: -4.56. Same quadrant, of course.

    On some of the questions, my answers vary depending on mood, but the red dot so far hasn’t shifted too much in any direction.



  4. My numbers suprised me a little. I thought economically I would have been closer to center. Here are my numbers E L/R: -4.63, S L/A -3.08
    Thanks for the test!


  5. I know this is an old post, but I was flipping back through your blog to see whatever interesting I missed.

    Took the test, and came out practically right on top of you… -3.75/-5.18, about a point to the left. Interesting.



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