One comment on “Wha’ Happen’?

  1. I get that way too sometimes. I find it adds something to the introspection. This is awful to consider, but it’s kinda like Kareoke. Taking the step from singing in the shower to singing in front of strangers and the fear and rush you get from it. Wondering if anyone is reading what you write, “Do they like it, do they feel the same way, do they think I am nuts?” It’s just another avenue of expression, all be it an expression of thought or the thinking process in stead of singing to a room full of people, but both bare the soul.

    I think more than anything blogs in general and the introspective ones in particular, are what do, or could make the internet into the living entity that authors love to write about.

    So, Marlin, what does it mean that you wrote it, I read it and spent all this space commenting on it? Either you and I, not the ones at the party are the ones on the leading edge of “doing something” or maybe we are the two who should be locked up. I will let you decide.


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