4 comments on “English as she is wrote

  1. Thanks for the ego-boosting diversion! It’s just what the doctor ordered during 4 AM insomnia. Also, congrats on your score! Apparently, the Expert category is weighed extremely heavily.

    I quite enjoy your personally just-discovered blog so far…however, when I attempt to post comments on some entries (your “Dominionism” post, for instance), I’m not given the opportunity for some reason. This only seems to occur in posts that already have (a) comment(s). I then decided to e-mail you my comments, but likewise did not find an appropriate link (though I can understand your hiding of your e-mail address).

    Any idea what’s going on?



  2. Hello Marco – Thanks for stopping by!

    Regarding comments, I leave the comments on until the entry is discovered by the the comment spammers, at which time I turn off comments for that entry.

    Yeah, it’s annoying.


  3. We make an articulate couple. My results:
    93% Beginner
    93% Intermediate
    87% Advanced
    83% Expert

    I somewhat disagree with the final “expert” question re: canals and channels. “Water does not flow from one body of water through a canal into another body of water” would (I believe) be difficult to prove conclusively.


  4. Gotcha…

    Ditto Ron on the canal spiel – I was suspicious that canals couldn’t connect two bodies of water. But what of the Panama Canal that shortcuts from the Atlantic to the Pacific? Perhaps it’s that the water is regulated via dams in canals that differentiate them from channels. *shrug*

    I hate to grab your attention with two criticisms regarding comments, but could you add an appropriate “target=” attribute to your skin’s comment-author link so that when clicking on a comment author in your pop-up comment window, it opens the link in a full-sized browser window rather than in the pop-up? OK, that’s it from me on your comments – I promise!


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