3 comments on “Living to be 1000 years old

  1. I am not a big west coaster, but if I got out that way I would love to see the Sequoia. A very interesting article. I think we need more people who are visionary thinkers Like Dr. de Grey. I like that they have a link to an opposing article. Good balance. You don’t see that much anymore. I liked the final point of the counter argument, just that science is doing great things and if we live longer as a result, then ‘bonus’. But I appreciated the first article more because the author is able to extrapolate where things could lead. He reminds us of our potential.

    Sounds like you had a nice trip. Good to see you back and look forward to meeting you in the Keys.


  2. Marlin, do you really want to live to be 1000? That seems like an awfully long time. If I were a tree I might actually enjoy it more. Those sequoias are gorgeous, and very humbling.

    Good to have you back!


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