5 comments on “Dear Conservative America:

  1. Hmmm. Follow the link. The horrible mental disease I refer to is conservatism. I am glad to be rid of him. Rest in peace? I wish him none.


  2. Oh to be filled with such anger. I did not agree with Reagan’s politics, from Reaganomics to the Air-Traffic Controllers strike (see Reagan Int’l Airport) to the HUD scandal to jelly-beans. I do not weep for his passing, but to piss on his grave is beneath me. I do predict “Win one for the Gipper” as the battle cry of the Republican Party this year.

    Here’s an article that may interest you.


  3. the attempts by the neo-cons to canonize reagan will not go unchallenged. piss on his grave? no. that would require actually going near it. anger? perhaps in the same way that doctors and researchers are angry at hiv. hmmm, not quite. there is no evidence that viri consciously seek to destroy their victims, unlike reagan and his minions.


  4. When the circus came to town the Elephants did indeed leave a monumental pile of mess. The clowns are still trying to clean it up. But the Elephants just keep piling more on. Weep for RRs passing I think not, I weep for the damage he caused to this fragile nation.


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