3 comments on “The Passion of the Bunny

  1. Just for the record, I know the youth minister personally. The media blew this whole thing waaaay out of proportion and completely twisted the facts. I’m talking about the facts that they actually got right. Some of it was completely untrue in the first place. All my life i have heard not to completely believe what you hear on the news but i didn’t start taking it seriously until it was true about someone close to me.


  2. Even the mildest possible version is bizarre. Have the courage of your convictions. If you don’t like the Easter Bunny, say so, and for the real reason you don’t like it. It’s a pagan symbol, far, far, older than christianity, perhaps even older than judaism. You hate it because you can’t kill it. Get over it.


  3. Falling on the floor laughing my ass over the sheer imagination going on in the back of my head cause of this.
    How you doing these days narly marlin? Work has turned into a blur. I got to go to bed I got an hour drive ahead of me and I have to do a 10 hour work day due to being out sick yesterday. Hope all is well.



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