3 comments on “And So, It Begins

  1. oh marlin, i am cracking up. that graphic with you in the spaceship is to die for. i’m a leatheregg fan and checked into his site to see if he’d returned yet, and here you are. so — do enjoy this convention, and write all about your fun. looking forward to reading you. don’t make it a brief foray into the hobby. cheers.


  2. Waaahhhhhhhh. I wanna be there!!!!!!!!

    I sure don’t want to be at work, drowning in a sea of paper!

    Have a pan galactic gargle blaster on me.


  3. Oh, one thing. Watch the business meeting agenda. The last two years there was a very contentious debate about splitting the dramatic Hugo into long form and short form. The proposal was made because short form media (basically tv programs at 45 minutes & short subject films) stood no chance against movies. The argument was made that the technique of making a short work is a different art form, just as short stories and novels have separate Hugo categories.

    Even though the proposal to submit it to a vote passed by a huge margain at Philadelphia, and the motion to make it official passed by a huge margain (about 125 pro to about 9 anti), the anti-media forces tried several parliamentary tricks to try to kill it anyway.

    Now I see on the Torcon schedule at least one nasty panel “Did the split work, or in other words were the Buffy fans satisfied?” This makes me fear that the anti’s might try another trick.


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